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Theracane – What is a Theracane?
The TheraCane is a uniquely designed tool used to apply pressure to sore muscles and trigger points anywhere on your body without causing added strain to your hands and arms while using it.

This amazingly simple and highly effective TheraCane self-massage tool makes it easy to apply pain-relieving deep compression directly to "trigger points" anywhere they occur - breaking up tension even in the hardest-to-reach muscles between your shoulder blades! If you have limited strength or mobility, TheraCane's patented design gives you all the reach and leverage you need!

The TheraCane massage tool uses two strategically placed projections and six treatment balls to help relieve pain. A gentle, manually applied pressure is all that is required. The two longer rods can be used to provide leverage and an increased mechanical advantage when the TheraCane is used on the neck or upper and lower back.

Each Theracane comes with a fully illustrated 14 page instructional manual. The TheraCane Massage Tool Owner's Manual illustrates a variety of ways to use the TheraCane effectively over the entire body. No educational degree required.

The Theracane weighs one pound and is made of durable, fiberglass material. Buy Now





Kinesio Tape Tape can be purchased without treatment, however we prefer that you be evaluated, treated and know more about the tape, how to use it and why it works before you tape yourself. After you’ve been evaluated and treated, we encourage you to learn more and use the tape at home. Tape is available in Beige, pink, blue, and black.

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imagesMediflow Water Pillow

For people who suffer from constant tossing and turning, neck or back pain or even sleep apnea, a basic memory foam neck pillow simply won't cut it. Most neck pain and sleep apnea pillows come with one-firmness fits all memory foam. This memory foam may be too firm or too soft depending on your personal preference. If you're searching for a neck pain or sleep apnea pillow that can be customized to fit your level of comfort and improve the quality of sleep, the Mediflow Waterbase® pillow is the solution that you have been looking for.
Why do we carry a pillow? First, we find that if people will sleep on a great pillow and use it correctly a good portion of their neck aches are taken care of. So now we ask why wouldn’t we encourage a great supportive pillow? Second, I’m hooked. My supplier was offering a special in which they gave a discount on a demo pillow; I had a client inquiring about the water pillows so I decided to give it a try. I’m committed not to carry anything I don’t believe whole heartedly in so I took the demo home to “know what I was offering my clients” and I love it so much I will NOT return it. I commented to my husband “who would buy a pillow for that price?” now, I will buy a pillow for that price and think its worth more and I’m giving them as gifts. I wish I’d had this sooner, you’ve got to feel what you’ve been missing. (Rebecca)

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