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Q What makes Relief Zone different from other clinics and spa’s in Albuquerque?

A Relief Zone therapists have advanced training and certification that set us apart from other clinics. Our therapists are certified in Medical Massage and have additional training such as Myofascial and Neuro-Muscular therapy. We work in a “pain free” zone which means that our work does not create pain in hope of relieving it, in fact a good therapist knows that causing pain is counterproductive to healing.

Q Why does massage benefit the body?

A There are many ways in which massage benefits the body. 1. The first and most common even to spa techs is added circulation. Even a shoulder rub from a friend will increase circulation to a certain degree. However, at Relief Zone we are more intentional and have specific training to increase circulation to a fuller extent and to give tendons the added circulation needed to stimulate a healing response. 2. Advanced body work will soften tight muscles that are tense from overwork, stress, or injury. Specific techniques are used to encourage proper muscle activity such as relaxing when not in use. Over tight muscles put strain on the attachment and therefore cause pain. Softening and reeducating the muscle brings lasting results. 3. Spinal alignment. Do we play chiropractor? Certainly not! However, think about this, wheat holds your bones in place? Your muscles. Therefore if your muscles are tight and putting unusual pressure on the spine it’s very difficult for the body to hold a chiropractic adjustment. That’s where we work with the muscles to function properly and allow the body to hold the spine correctly. Then you’ll get more from all of your treatments. 4. Decrease Risk of injury. Good body work will help your muscles function at their best and therefore reduce the risk of some injuries. Repetitive motion injuries are avoidable with the right muscle work. We’ll show you how they are developed and what you can do to avoid a repetitive motion injury such as carpal tunnel syndrome, and we’ll help relieve the pain associated with it. 5. There’s a long list, here are just a few more: Injury recovery, scar reduction, increased vitality, and improved sleep.

Q Why should you choose relief Zone?

A Listen to what others are saying in our testimony section. Relief Zone holds a high standard for excellence in muscle work and we strive to be the best in the industry. One visit and you’ll know the Relief Zone difference. Spa’s are expensive and mildly effective, when you choose Relief Zone we believe you’ll get more for you time and money with a massage that will bring lasting relief.

Q What is the difference between Medical massage and other types of massage?

A Medical Massage is prescribed by a doctor, a treatment plan is designed and insurance is billed. The treatment is slightly different because of the goal to treat an in jury. Let’s say you have a muscle strain in your shoulder, we would evaluate the injury and design a treatment. That treatment may include working neck, shoulder, arm, and back muscles, but may not include working with leg muscles therefore our work would be for the upper body only. Certainly once a
medical plan is complete we encourage a client to come in for “maintenance” massage to help the body maintain good health but that is usually billed directly to the person and is part of our therapeutic treatment. Therapeutic treatment then may include a full body massage. Other injuries such as with car accidents may include all of the body regions. Simply put, we work with the body region involved with an injury not necessarily, but possibly the full body with a plan for recovery.

Q Is Relief Zone a Spa?

A No, a spa offers treatments like facials, salt scrubs, etc. Relief Zone is focused on therapeutic treatment. Our intention is to bring recovery to painful or injured areas of the body and overall wellness through quality muscle work. We don’t offer spa treatments such as salt scrubs, and generally what we affectionately refer to as “fluff-n-buff” style of massage. That’s great if it’s what you want and need, but the clients who choose our clinic want lasting results that offer pain relief for more than the time they are in our clinic. If that’s you, you’ll be happy you found us.

Q Who should choose Kinesio Taping?

A Everyone who has a significant pain and/or swelling. Kinesio Tape has proven to reduce swelling in a short amount of time which directly reduces pain. Kinesio tape has proven as beneficial as pain killers at relieving pain of injuries by decreasing strain placed on muscles that are trying to heal. We’ve seen great results for runners and athletes of all kinds, knee injuries, pre surgery pain relief and muscle support, speedy healing time for post surgery recovery, and relief from the common back ache. We love Kinesio tape and what it does for our clients, they love it too. The question is, when will you give it a try? NOTE: Be sure the therapist applying the tape is educated about it and not just guessing at their work.

Q What is Neuro-Muscular Therapy

A The term Neuro-Muscular means that we use muscular therapy techniques that work with the neurological system to re-educate the muscle memory. If that was a mouth full, let me explain. Techniques that cause pain also cause the brain to send signals to resist the treatment therefore the treatment is counter productive to healing. We are careful to keep our treatment in a “painfree” zone meaning that our depth of treatment should stop when pain starts. We usually refer to this as the “hurts good” point when a person thinks “that hurts good, press right there”, but not beyond. The muscles have memory and will “hold that thought” until they have a reason to change it. That’s why you can do tasks and think about other things at the same time (example: a basketball player trains the muscles to dribble the ball automatically so he can think about the next play, the defenders position and next move, etc without having to consciously think about how to dribble the ball). We use muscle memory in most of our tasks for instance you no longer have to concentrate about how to drive your car, after learning the fundamentals you can talk with the person next to you, sing a song and trust that some of the driving tasks will be automatic. If you have done a task so many times that you no longer have to think about it and it is automatic, then that task information has been stored in the muscle memory. Things like posture are strong muscle memory and take special technique and time to change but we see it change routinely with Neuro-Muscular Massage. At Relief Zone we work with your body and brain to help bring lasting change and noticeable healing.

Q Why did you move?

A Change is often uncomfortable for people but it can also be refreshing. It is time for us to step out on our own again and move to a smaller location where we can offer the personal service and attention that our customers have grown accustomed to. We offer lower prices, more services, and a delightful atmosphere.

Q Will my insurance cover my massage?

A Sometimes, how's that for a straight answer? I'm sorry there is not a more definite one. With the variety of Insurance carriers offering an even larger variety of policy's the only answer we can give is "check with your insurance company".  Most hospitals do not cover massage, however some of Blue Cross and United policy's do. When you contact them, ask if massage is covered (code 97124) when done by an out of network licensed massage therapist.

Not covered? What then? When your Dr. says “go to Relief Zone for massage” and your insurance company says they won’t cover it, you can choose to pay cash for a therapeutic massage, or a medical massage for as low as $35.99 per half hour click here to see our list of services and prices. *Become a member and save an additional 20% on every visit. Schedule your appointment here.  Yes, we accept credit cards  too.



Relief Zone is the ultimate therapy offering personalized treatments tailored to your personal needs. You’ll find relief from your unique injury as well as common tension that may come from stress. Let us help set you on your journey to personal wellness. Visit us today!



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