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Relief Zone was established with a mission to help as many people as we can live as close to pain free as possible without the use of medications and surgical interventions. We believe that you should be free to be physically active and healthy rather than limited by pain. We believe that through the right muscular treatment we can achieve optimal physical health. We believe that life should be lived “in your Zone”, pain free and limitation free. We’re here to help you encourage your body to give you—it’s best.

Relief Zone Founder
I, Rebecca Grider and founder of Relief Zone am a mother of 6 sons, wife of more than 30 years, and have been a business owner in New Mexico for more than 20 years. I became interested in the field of medical massage because I’ve been helped so greatly by it. I’ve opened Relief Zone to help others find hope and lasting health through alternative medicine, just as I did years ago. I hope you are encouraged by my story.

After breaking my tailbone at age eight I learning to walk crooked to compensate for the pain. Then I had six children close together and didn’t know how to maintain good physical health. I didn’t take care of my body during and after pregnancy – I thought “a women should work like a man and give birth and get straight back to work” – boy was I mistaken. Neither did I know the essential need for good nutrition, I thought eating right was the only goal. Along the way I developed a ruptured disk and crushed disk in my low back. While pregnant with my last son, I was bed ridden and could not walk. Following his birth I often fell and could not walk more than five feet without grasping furniture. I used wheel chairs to shop and go to events with my children. I was discouraged to need my older children to carry the baby for fear that I might fall on him.

I was desperate to feel better, barely twenty five, and I wanted to play with my children. Medical Doctors didn’t have any answers for me. When surgery seemed my only option, a Massage Therapist began working in my Chiropractor’s office persuaded me to have a Mother’s Day massage. Never having had a massage, I didn’t know what to expect. To my amazement, with one visit I was feeling some relief and had to give this treatment a try, within 6 months I was no longer falling. Soon, I could visit the zoo with my children and become after a few years became pain free.

Today I do what I want, when I want. Of course I have to be wise, I still have days with back pain and would be foolish to take risks that could re-injure myself. However, I’ve taught my grand kids to jump rope, I can horseback ride for short amounts of time, I often skip with my grand kids, I work a physically demanding job that I love, I travel, and I never hesitate to sit on the floor with my grandson. I’m free to live life to the fullest and have a quality of life not imaginable in my twenties.

Life changes drastically when you’re injured, daily tasks are exhausting and some are impossible, pain is tiring and immobilizing. In my twenties, I could not pick up anything from the floor without excruciating pain. I found a skilled massage therapist who helped me and inspired me. Neuromuscular Medical Massage is a life changing medical alternative that encourages healthy living. Through this valuable treatment I was able to avoid back surgery and today, I function normally, have coached t-ball again, garden regularly, enjoy my family life, and volunteer for exceptional non-profit organizations.

I want to help others live well, just as I was helped and to teach other therapists to do the same. There is no reason anyone should live in so much pain, discomfort, and inconvenience when so many injuries can be prevented and recovered from. Relief Zone was established to provide help to hurting people. You may be one of many who live with unnecessary aches and pains. Relief Zone is here to help you live again too.

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